Travel Review Italy Travel Agency: Custom Italy Vacation Package, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Chianti, Siena, Rome

Hear what our past travellers have to say about their experiences with us!

Travel Review Italy Travel Agency: Luxury Italy Vacation Package, Venice, Tuscany, Chianti, Val d’Orcia, San Gimignano, Florence, Milan

“Hi Matteo, Thank you again for an amazing experience in Italy. Your company is first class! We enjoyed every part of the country we visited. Each place was more breathtaking than the last. The tours you set up for us were perfect and the guides were fun and knowledgeable. I thought a tour of the […]

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Travel Review Italy Travel Agency: Luxury Italy Family Vacation, Rome, Pompeii, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Tuscany, Chianti, San Gimignano, Florence

“We are a family of four from Brooklyn, New York. My boys are 11 and 9yrs old. This was our first time to Italy! My plan was to try and see Rome, Amalfi and Tuscany. I was not sure what I wanted other than pack it in but not be too overwhelmed and to enjoy […]

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Travel Review Italy Travel Agency: Multigenerational Italy Family Vacation, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Naples, Puglia, Vieste, Trani Castel Del Monte, Fasano, Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce

“Bravo Matteo! The trip was an unqualified success, the properties that you put us in were magnificent and all the drivers and guides were excellent. My family thanks you for putting together such an excellent trip. My only suggestion would be that it may have been better for us to stay in a property closer […]

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Travel Review Italy Travel Agency: Luxury Family Vacation to Italy – Umbria

“Matteo, I’ll write more later, but just know we do not want to leave.  We have had a fantastic time — everyone and everything has been perfect.  It has been the ideal two weeks. We compliment the hosts, manager, chef, maid, transfer drivers, car & van rental company, bikes, etc.  Everybody has been so nice […]

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Howard and I had a wonderful time on our trip. Thanks for your planning, it was the easiest, most stress-free vacation we have ever taken.

The hotels were all wonderful. The hotel in Levanto (La Giada del Mesco) did not have the hottest water, but it had the best view! Aline (perhaps that is spelled incorrectly) drove us into town several times, for which we were very grateful.

We loved our day in the Cinque Terre, and are so glad that we beat the crowds. It was as beautiful as I had dreamed it would be!

Everything about Lucca was wonderful! My grandparents were from Lucca, and it was wonderful to explore my roots.

Laura, our guide in Pisa, was the best guide of the trip. If you are in contact with her directly, please let her know that her tour was a highlight of our trip. She was so passionate about the city that we could not help but fall in love with it, too!

Lisa, the guide at the Uffizi Gallery was terrific. She was so knowledgeable and navigated the crowds like a pro!

We had a wonderful time on the winery tour with Matteo. That was a very special day. The woman at the first winery (whose name is escaping me) was fantastic — she shed some interesting light on the history of the area.

The hotel in Florence — the Atlantic Palace — was an oasis of peace and tranquility in a busy city!

We were so happy to have Monica, our guide in Siena. It was a cold and rainy day, but she made the city come alive, particularly with her description of the Palio. I am already committed to going back in better weather! The hotel is Siena was beaultiful, but we were only there very briefly. I would happily return to more fully enjoy the amenities!

Max and Roberto were solid guides in Rome. We had a fantastic time, also, on the food/wine tasting — even though it was the last night of the trip! We were a little worried that we might not have the energy, but we got a second wind and had a marvelous night. The hotel in Rome was fantastic. Their customer service was flawless (other than the woman who did not know what to do with the phone…)

All of the drivers were prompt and courteous.  Every restaurant recommendation was great! It was so wonderful to go to smaller restaurants and sample delicious local food.

We also appreciated the “rescue” phone (as we referred to it)! It was so convenient to have the itinerary on us at all times…and to know that help was only a phone call away if needed.

Every part of the trip was smooth; there was not one thing that did not go exactly as planned. I know a lot of hard work goes into coordinating those logistics, and I am very appreciative!

I am already dreaming of my next trip to Italy. I spent the whole time on a quest for Cucidati — a cookie my Grandmother used to make. I never found one….so I am pretty sure I have to go back!!!

Thank you so much!
Claudia and Howard Oakes”


Claudia & Howard Oakes (West Hartford, CT) – APRIL 2018


Path, walking and sight Levanto-Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy


Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy


View of Roman Fora, Rome