Basilica of Santa Croce: Frescos Up Close

The Basilica of Santa Croce, in Florence, is one of the most beautiful and renowned churches in all of Italy. Built in 1385 the Basilica shows gothic architecture at it’s best and is a great sight from the outside. Inside it offers breathtaking Frescos by Agnolo Gaddi, which are truly unique to this church. The main Frescos are in the Cappella Castellani. The Frescos have a narrative cycle, which visually tells stories of St. Anthony, St. John and St. Nicola. The church is keeping its label of “under restoration” until May of 2012, and oddly enough that is the reason why you should visit the church! Scaffolds are up around the church and guided tours on the scaffolds are being offered to give visitors a better view of Gaddi’s masterpieces. This truly unique opportunity allows visitors to see the Frescos up close and be to explore all of the intricacies. This is a limited offer and an offer that one should not miss out on because these are truly some of the best works of religious art in the whole world, to see them up close is truly a breathtaking sight.

The scaffolds will be open for tours until May of 2012.

For a video on this opportunity, click here.