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Six Travel Styles to Suit Every Mom this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better way to celebrate and show your appreciation than by giving her the gift of travel.For globetrotting mother daughter duos looking to capture their signature scents, Discover Your Italy, takes guests on a journey to a master perfume creator in Florence to learn the techniques and secrets of a historic perfumery. The workshop, which takes place inside an intriguing laboratory, is located within the historical cellars of a Florentine Renaissance Palazzo. Following in the footsteps of Catherine de Medici and René le Florentin, guests will be guided through the blending process that ultimately leads to the creation of their very own personalized fragrance to take home.

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How to Sell to Generation X Travelers

Generation X is often called the “Lost Generation.” As travelers, they have been “lost” between the Baby Boomers — for whom, by and large, going to a travel agent to make vacation plans was a given — and Millennials, who scour social media for travel information, then seek out agents for even more advice. Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy arranges small group and private experiences for clients traveling in Italy. The company serves many Gen-X clients and notes that these travelers are usually families with children. They see that these families are looking for a way to mix up the usual routine and try to involve each family member in this experience. In fact most of these family activities include music festivals, a cultural festival like Palio di Siena or a special event like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza. As for Italy in particular, Discover Your Italy notices that the families come back to see the country several times over the years to explore new areas.

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Jet-Set Bohemian: Globetrotting for a Signature Scent

Florence is another city that’s no stranger to bespoke scents, with a history tracing back to Catherine de’ Medici times, when the future queen commissioned a fragrance for her marriage to France’s Henry II. The monks of Santa Maria Novella switched out the typical base of olive oil or vinegar for alcohol to craft the signature scent dubbed “Acqua della Regine,” or Water of the Queen, that became an instant hit at court. You can still visit the 400-year-old apothecary, but Florence is also home to a more off-the-radar perfume lab that lies in the cellars of the Florence is also home to a more off-the-radar perfume lab that lies in the cellars of the Renaissance Baroque Palazzo Corsini Antinori-Serristori, near the Basilica of Santa Croce. On Discover Your Italy tours, Aquaflor Firenze’s master perfumer Sileno Cheloni guides guests through the process known as the “perfumer’s ritual,” sifting through more than 1,500 single scents to find just the right mix of memory and emotion from essences like sandalwood and Taif Rose that will be blended to perfection in your bottle.

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Sip & Taste Your Way Through the “Italian’s Italy” with Discover Your Italy

The company’s name, Fuoritinerario, derived from a combination of Italian words, literally means “Off the Beaten Path,” which is exactly where they take their clients.

Matteo Della Grazia, CEO of Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy said " We are constantly exploring the country and sourcing new and little-known experiences so we can offer travelers the kind of true cultural immersion that only happens through personal connections...our passion is to show clients the tastes, sights and sounds of Italy, but when we can give them the hands-on opportunity of working alongside a local artist, it enriches the sensory experience and makes it absolutely unforgettable.”

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Top Supplier Offerings for Gen-X Travelers

Generation X is often called the “Lost Generation” - caught between Baby Boomers, who view using a travel agent as a given, and Millennials, who often turn to social media. Travel Agent spoke with expert agents, many Gen-Xers themselves, for a Special Report on what makes these travelers tick. Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy serves many Gen-X clients and notes that these travelers are usually families with children. They see that these families are looking for a way to mix up the usual routine. To that end, the family is seeking a range of activities so that each family member remains engrossed in the entire trip.  

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Travel Professionals Identify 15 Luxury Travel Trends For 2016 And Beyond

Luxury travel buzzwords like authentic, local, curate, and, of course, experience may be overused, but they have become buzzwords because of their phenomenal staying power. While some trends fade with time, some just seem to resound with customers from one year into the next. Here’s how a group of luxury travel professionals and other experts see the trends shaping up at the high end of the market for the rest of this year and into the next. Matteo Della Grazia, owner of tour operator Fuoritinerario - Discover Your Italy, said, “We are seeing increasing demand for local and authentic experiences that allow clients to create their own local product. For instance, they can work for a day at a top Tuscany vineyard with a wine- maker to create a personalized wine, which will then be aged, bottled, and shipped to them. We call it Adopt A Barrel. We have a similar program for perfume.”  

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