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Italy: Matteo Della Grazia & Daniela Mencarelli

Della Grazia and Mencarelli are the husband-and-wife team behind Discover Your Italy. Both have spent their lives exploring the country; he grew up in Milan and she was born and raised in Perugia, where they are now based. They are known for creating journeys rooted in Italian traditions. Both can do things like connecting travelers with their Italian origins by showing them around their ancestors’ villages and securing tickets to a summer concert by Andrea Bocelli at his Tuscan estate. Minimum Daily Spend: $500

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Under The Radar Umbria: Five Reasons To Visit

Matteo Della Grazia and Daniela Mencarelli are co-founders of Fuoritinerario: Discover Your Italy, a boutique tour company that designs personalized itineraries so visitors can experience authentic Italy. Although their tours cover all of Italy, the company is based in Perugia, which is both a city and province in Umbria. Under-the-radar Umbria is a less traveled region in Central Italy with many advantages over Tuscany. Its cities have remained more authentic, less pretentious and the region it's called Italy’s “green heart.” Five suggestion on must-see places according Discover Your Italy include: Perugia, Orvieto, Assisi, Spoleto, Gubbio.      

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Italy’s Best Foodie Vacation: Here’s How To Eat Your Way Through Sicily

Discover Your Italy is specialized in creating unique, immersive cultural journeys that showcase the best destinations and experiences Italy has to offer. Focusing on both small-group travel and private tours, their team can design a trip to your exact specifications, or customize their existing itineraries to your request and offer just the itinerary for intrepid gourmets. Matteo Della Grazia and his wife Daniela Mencarelli have created a tantalizing tasting menu of a trip that showcases many of the delicacies—and the locales they hail from—for which Sicily is celebrated. All the way from Palermo to Catania you could spend hours shopping, eating  and fervent foodies will want to set up camp and stay for days in eanch place. No visit to Sicily is complete without discovering all the aspects of the food of this incredible land.      

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5 Top Italian Destinations To Beat The Crowds

Visiting Lake Como, Venice or Cinque Terre at during the summer high season comes with a price; fighting hordes of travelers. Instead of adding to the overcrowding and over-touristing of certain cities and islands that are of course popular for a reason, Discover Your Italy offers not as crowded but still just as majestic perfect alternatives for your Italian summer vacation. Matteo Della Grazia, owner of Discover Your Italy a boutique travel outfitter known for leading you to discover and experience the "true Italy", suggests  charming Italian holiday locations including Lake Maggiore, Italian Riviera, Lecce and Siracusa.

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Five Hidden Gems of Italy

Based in Perugia, Italy, and founded in 2007, Discover Your Italy was born from a passion for travel and a genuine love of the country. Owned and operated by Italian husband and wife team of Matteo Della Grazia and Daniela Mencarelli, Discover Your Italy offers clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country as a local through the people and their traditions. With over-tourism becoming a desperate situation in many of Italy’s most well-known destinations (think Cinque Terre and Venice), Discover Your Italy,is encouraging travelers to look past the country’s famous locales and explore the “not-so-popular” ones: Lecce instead of Florence, Treviso instead of Venice, Italian Riviera (Liguria) instead of Cinque Terre, Siracusa instead of Taormina, Lake Maggiore instead of Lake Como. These lesser known gems still evoke the same wonder, elegance and history as your favorite Italian hot-spots, just sans crowds.

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Culinary Travel Sees A Growing Tour Menu

Matteo Della Grazia, owner of the boutique tour company Discover Your Italy, says he is witnessing an increasing interest from foreign tourists in discovering Italian local food producers. The participants learn about the production process through guided visits, cooking classes and tastings. Some examples include cheese makers in Piedmont, pistachio growers and tuna processors in Sicily, bakers in Sicily and Matera, grappa distillers near Venice.  

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Hello Italy: My Top 6 Tips for Traveling to Italy

"Hello Whitney" is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog and its top six tips for traveling to Italy include contacting Matteo and his team  (Discover your Italy, an Italian-based boutique company that specializes in crafting very individualized packages depending on clients’ budgets, interests, and needs) for an experience of a lifetime! He’s also one of Travel + Leisure “best travel agents for Europe”!

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Catch the Latest Summer Travel Trends

MULTIGENERATIONAL VACATION Families are deciding to broaden the experience and travel with extended family. The secret to success for multigenerational trips: a good balance of activities that combine the interests of each family member no matter their age. Discover Your Italy, a boutique tour operator known for delivering the “Italians Italy,” has perfected the art of crafting bespoke custom journeys; from touring The Colosseum, The Vatican and buzzing through Rome by Vespa, to wine tasting in the Chianti countryside and a private visit to a Chocolate Laboratory in Turin.

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Beyond Positano: This Is Where Italian Locals Go to Escape the Crowds

Few countries give us carefree summer yearnings like Italy does. Therein lies the problem: We're not the only ones who have the brilliant idea to travel to Venice, Positano, or Lake Como in the dead of summer—and the swarms of tourists are scary to brave. But Italians know just where to go to escape the crowd and Matteo Della Grazia, owner of Discover Your Italy, a boutique travel outfitter known for showcasing the "Italian's Italy," is encouraging travelers to explore some of the country's lesser-known destinations. His suggestions to avoid the crowd include cities like Ischia, Lecce, Treviso, Santa Margherita Ligure, Siracusa and Lake Maggiore.

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Eating and Drinking Your Way Through A Trip, and Learning Something in the Process

Discover Your Italy has begun designing private hiking and skiing itineraries in the Dolomites around their favorite rifugi, or Alpine huts, a modest term for a growing network of rustic restaurants with refined food.

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